Saturday, March 21, 2009


Here is what happened after I posted a link to this site in the comments of a NY Times article:

I expected it would be only a one-time spike, but instead the link is working its way through various blogs, forums, facebooks, etc. I am glad to see so many positive reactions!

On the flip side, the traffic has been hammering my home Internet connection, through the "How Right Now Looks Ground Zero?" live-cam. So barring the unlikely event that someone from Time Warner is reading this and wants to give me a free high-speed upstream connection, I am decommissioning HRNLGZ in its current form.

But fear not!

Instead of a live-cam, HRNLGZ is now a photo in the sidebar that gets updated every minute. Click on the photo to see it in (somewhat) higher quality. Want an update? Wait a minute and refresh the page. As before, only the daily photos get archived.

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anke said...

1,453 unique visitors and only 4 of them left a comment? You are getting some pretty rude customers!