Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Tomorrow Looks Ground Zero?

No one will ever know!

"How Today Looks Ground Zero?" is shutting down, because I am moving someplace less noisy. Today's picture was the last.

Many thanks to all visitors over the past year for their positive feedback. There are of course several other webcams around, and even some making videos.

If a current tenant at 90 West St wishes to take over the site, I'm happy to share the scripts and tools. You will need a Macintosh computer that can run 24/7.


Defray said...

Thanks a lot for all your pictures!!!

I have put your photos on my website

I was wondering, could you tell us your setup?
(Reference of your camera and software.)



How Today Looks Ground Zero? said...

The camera is a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 (but any USB webcam will do). The software is a combination of Photo Booth (a MacOSX built-in tool) and a motley collection of cronjobs, shell scripts and applescripts that I cobbled together.

The videos are made with another set of scripts using Imagemagick and Quicktime Pro.

As I said, I'm happy to share the scripts with someone who has the hardware and is willing to keep snapping pictures.

David said...

I was wondering how long anyone could last living there! Good run though

Anonymous said...

Dear HTLGZ, we are so sorry to hear you had to put up with noisy neighbors and/or noisy ground zero construction for our ground zero voyeurism benefit. We hope you found a better place with even more doormen.

Pau Vergés Samitier said...

tank you all
every week y watched your photos and it was very good because I was want to watch how today looks ground zero and the World trade center 1

thank you so much!!

att: Pau Vergés Samitier from Barcelona

How Today Looks Ground Zero? said...

Dear WTAW, thank you for the kind comments. You have hit the nail on the head, it was indeed the lack of doormen that occasioned my move. My current building only has five -- can you imagine trying to live like that? Barbaric!
However, I must now rely on your neighbors to feed my construction-blog-fetish.

eddie said...

Oh thats so bad i enjoyed ur pics.
Sory u had to put up with noisy neighbors and noisy construction work.

Wilson said...

I am from Brazil, and almost every day i watched your photos. Thanks for your effort to bring us a view from the entire site. Since 9/11 I hope to see the fantastic skyline of manhattan bring to life again.

America is the best hope of the mankind.

Thanks a Lot

PS. Sorry for my bad English

Anonymous said...

Of all the WTC webcams, yours was the most reliable! Thank you.


S, Argonne, IL said...

Rest in peace HTLGZ, rest in peace.

Uriel said...

Your pictures and videos were wonderful....thank you...maybe we will get something new from your new location?

オテモヤン said...
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