Sunday, April 26, 2009

Better or Worser?

I really don't like the jitter in HTLGZ:TM, but it's hard to avoid -- in the absence of a weather-control machine, the sky is bound to look different every day. And so the colors flash, and it's hard to watch, even after I try to normalize colors and interpolate between frames.

So here's trying something different. Here, each day's "photo" is replaced by a 10-day moving average. The result is much more watchable, but strange-looking, because the construction equipment gets averaged out, and structures just appear out of nowhere.

So ... better, or worser?

Vimeo link.

PS: To those of you who think I should use a Gaussian kernel smoother instead (you know who you are!), tell me how to express it as a sequence of pairwise weighted averages, and maybe I'll consider it.

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