Sunday, April 5, 2009

How This Week Looks Ground Zero?

Let me make one thing clear: I assume that everyone who has ever visited this website is constantly glued to the HRNLGZ webcam, and paying attention to minute-by-minute developments in construction.

That said, I understand that sometimes it helps to get a short summary, to help recall. As a convenience, I am providing "How This Week Looks Ground Zero?", a four-and-something minute recap of the past week. Warning: it is incredibly boring, except for the lower left corner on Saturday afternoon.

(vimeo) How This Week Looks Ground Zero? 3/29-4/4
(youtube) How This Week Looks Ground Zero? 3/29-4/4 (make sure you hit the HD button)
(it is taking its sweet time to convert, but should be available anytime)

It starts on Sunday 3/29 at 00:00am, and ends on Saturday 4/4 at 23:59. There are no timestamps (except by accident), but you can calculate them yourself. Have fun!

PS: The truth is that I ran out of disk space yesterday, and didn't know why. Turns out my webcam script was storing the pictures it was taking every minute. I won't be doing this every week (or ever again, most likely), because I don't know how to fully automate the procedure, and I am lazy.


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anke said...

Thank you so much for making this movie. As you know, we were traveling last week and were not able to keep abreast of the minute-by-minute developments as we usually do. So this recap could not have come at a better time!

RHM said...

Does the work go on at night?